Geez. If only I could have heard ANY setlist in Chicago tonight...

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Posted by Roman on 04/21/02 - 01:38:11
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As I've only been able to attend four Jefferson shows in my life (JS '81, JS '84, JA '89, JS '98), I am living proof that one really can't complain about the setlists these days.

As you can see from the concerts I have been able to attend, I was really lucky just to hear a non-Mickey song -- much less a Lather or Triad. I DROOL over the fact that entire concerts are given over to BATE. So stop complainin'. We have to remember that a Jefferson concert is always a little weird when compared with other bands.  On any given song one third of the crowd is upset because it's a Marty ballad, or a Paul epic, or is confused and angry that they aren't hearing We Built This City. An outsider would never know that such songs are from the same band.  A song by The Who, Stones, or Cracker all have a similar "sound."  JS keeps you on your toes. I personally could do without Miracles and Count on Me.  They are exceedingly well-crafted ballads, but are just not my taste. So I view their presence in a concert or album as a tax I pay in order to hear the ones I love. Just like the guy next to me would patiently wait through Mexico (if only!) in order to hear Caroline.

I really wanted to get to tonight's show in Chitown. Anyone out there able to fill me in?

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