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Posted by Kenny on 04/21/02 - 01:17:38
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I think the original question was reasonable.  Its one I've been curious about for a long time.  I'm into the Dead, in a big way.  But I'm a bigger fan of JS/JA/HT.  I've thousands of hours of dead soundboards and audience tapes, which are easily found by the most casual seeker in Usenet (alt.binaries.gdead) and the web. (  

Finding similar offerings from the Jefferson family is like belonging to a secret society.  Unless you know the secret handshakes, pass cash along, or whatever, finding the material is hit and miss.

If the band doesn't want this stuff traded, fine.  Say so.  If the band doesn't mind, why not publish the rules of engagement on the website and let it take place under controlled circumstances (a la the Dead).  Newsgroups or http/ftp download would make matters much simpler.

As the Dead distribution model has proven, trading of live performances does NOT have a detrimental effect on album sales (I bet any Dicks Picks release has outsold Windows of Heaven).

But...that being said.....  Friends don't let friends download MP3's.  If the band is willing to formally allow trading, lets go the SHN route and preserve recorded integrity.


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