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Posted by Wayne on 04/20/02 - 22:07:24
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In answer to your question:  No, I don't feel entitled to have them.  That's why I asked MC in this very public forum what the policy was before seeking them out.  I thought I did so in a gracious way, not wanting to ask for something that is unacceptable to the band.  Without asking this question, how would I know the answer?  You seem perturbed, but I don't really know why?

As far as the format goes, just because you always trade on CD's doesn't mean that mp3's of audience recordings sent via the internet isn't a legitimate way of trading.  One nice thing about mp3's is that they download into an mp3 player which I like to take with me as I walkabout.  Right now I have converted the CD's that I have to mp3 format in order to download them to my mp3 player.  Getting mp3's of shows would save me the time of converting them.  The mp3 format is fine for my purpose of listening through headphones in the great outdoors at a volume low enough to still hear on-coming traffic.

This isn't an unreasonable idea, provided it is acceptable to the band, hence the request.  Comprenez-vous?


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