shows don't circulate?

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Posted by twilight double leader on 04/20/02 - 21:43:18
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there are plenty of shows that circulate ... you just don't travel in the those circles.  if you keep watching the skies ... and 2400 ... and JFT ... and lee-shore ... and rust ... and the multitude of yahoo groups ... you'll get plenty, including that Keswick show, Bodles and BBs from last night.  if you ask nice you might get b&p, although trading is a preferred method.  we always trade shows as an entity, in audio format on cd.  mp3 is terrible for sound quality.  if you search for SHN in google (or just go to you'll discover a whole new world.

why don't you just transmit some cash to me at 020201012 999001231 and i'll ACH you a show in return?

gee - since i'm in such a wonderful mood - why don't you write to PK and ask him to send you some shows?  do you think you're entitled to them?  one of my all-time favorite shows is the marty/slick gallery show.  we were INVITED to marty's art gallery exhibit; we were ASKED to tape by slick.  it was a free show at a special event.  we were lucky to participate.  marty and slick were KIND enough to allow us to share that show.  DO YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A COPY?  WHY?

Perhaps you'd like to set up a server in Winter Park Florida for us, and we'll send some stuff down to your Sprint DSL account :)

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