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Posted by twilight double leader on 04/20/02 - 21:18:57
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I'm getting in here before Dave does.

Last night's first set contained 11 songs - two of them violate his rant.  One - Bird - is older than he is and has only been in the rotation for a week.  The other - Triad - pops up once in a lunar cycle.  And Rabbit and SOTL are no longer every night events.  the late set - Love finally re-appeared after 25 years, YGSB after 30, Let's Go is new in the last two weeks, Blues only sparingly since the winter tour.  You asked for DCBA last year, you got it.  We asked for China last night, we got it.

Toss him overboard, captain.  Better yet, duct-tape him to a chair and make him listen to the collected works of ABBA for several days.

Speaking of Dave - is that him in the picture?  

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