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Posted by Kenny on 04/20/02 - 18:56:08
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Sheesh......its as if anyone was critical of the band, their  musicianship, songwriting, singing, or anything of the sort.

How dare those who pay the money to see the band suggest that the shows could be more interesting (dare I say, better)?  I guess not.  We must mindlessly proclaim the "greatness" of every performance, despite having to hear the same old songs trotted out that we've heard thousands of times before.

THE STUFF IS THERE TO BE PLAYED.  We know what the band has done, and is capable of.  All I'm saying is we'd like the band to take some chances, air it out, try some new stuff on us.

By wanting to hear more of the band's catalog or works in progress, we're somehow "ungrateful"?

I think you are out of line, MC.

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