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Posted by Mission Control on 04/20/02 - 17:17:52
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We have expanded the repertoire to 'Deadian' proportions the past 20 months ... "Mexico," "Young Girl Sunday Blues," "You'r Bringin' Me Down," "Epic #38," "Alexander The Medium," "When I Was A Boy I Watched The Wolves," "Let's Go Together," "Caroline," "High Flyin' Bird" (back after a long absence, "Hyperdrive" to name ten ... and you have the gaul to complain about the hits ... the standards?!!!!!  There are some fans that know this band for their hits only ... NOT tapers ... NOT hard cores, but the meat & potatos fans that allow the band to make the big bucks in sheds & fairs, that allow the band to play smaller places like BB Kings or Bodles.  This is so obvious, I'm getting a head ache 'splaining to ya!

Paul et al work their collective butts off to give their all & I've got to read this crap!  FYI:  Dylan repeats some songs every night ... my beloved The Who do practically the same set every night ... even The Dead or Phil & Friends repeat every third night or so & when the GD had a new studio record out ... be it "Aoxomoxoa," Workingman's Dead" etc. - THEY REPEATED MOST SONGS EVERY NIGHT!!!  For those 1980s newbies who would ask: "Why don't they do "Dark Star" or "St. Stephen" anymore ... it's because they used to do them every night!!!

Paul Kantner brings a bohemian/sci-fi/psychedelic bent to the shows ... Marty Balin is more of a balladeer & hitsmith ... Marty has penned many trippy songs, but his HITS connect with radio, memories, people in love - WE GOTTA DO 'EM!!!

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