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Posted by rush on 04/20/02 - 14:10:09
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HI all, I went to the late show last night.  Got in tere around 10:45 as ray Manzarek was playing.  He is a good act for sure but he seemed a bit out of place up there on stage, alone - half singing and half talking through songs.

JS was great as usual.  It was indeed a short show though.  Diana was sounding stronger than ever - and looked better than ever!  Paul was his usual funny bantering self.  He alsways seems so relaxed talking with the audience in between songs.  Marty was....well lets say he sounded great and was feeling no pain obviously (weee). Met a few folks there.  Saw Dave and Rich as well as new friends and list members.  A couple of us went out to a neighborhood haunt after the show.  Now I need a nap.  By the way, they cleared us out of there at 1am beacuse a "private show" was scheuled right after JS.  Who was it?

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