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Posted by C B Rollins on 04/20/02 - 11:53:47
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chitchatchitchat etc- my problem with concerts was always hearing some band for the first time just after their peak of expertise (probably due to being born in the wrong year) but I do have a string of faves; having been a teen in the Philly area, many are from dumps like the Spectrum...well, to toot my own horn: Byrds, Commander Cody, Paul Butterfield's Better Days 1972 Tower Theater Upper Darby PA;Stones, Spectrum '69;Cream, Spectrum '68; Pink Floyd, Spectrum '72;Dead,Cleveland Ohio Dec '73 (mind demolishing); Hot Tuna, New Paaltz NY '75;King Crimson, Acad of Music NYC '73;Watkins Glen Summer Jam '73;Canned Heat,Allman Bros Band, Fillmore East '70(?);Seatrain, Fairmount Park '72. You might well ask if I was going to hear music in this period why I didn't go hear Hendrix, Airplane, Janis, classic Starship etc- oh the follies of youth. Oh yeah- CSNY Baltimore MD right after Kent State, probably first time they performed 'Ohio'- very politically charged and acid tinged, I think they weren't allowed to play DC and settled for Balto. Enough of this rambling, but I guess I feel sorry for today's teens who'll have the Green Day/Blink 182 show to look back on years from now ( much like our elders look back to Benny Goodman or Duke Ellington and pity us ) and I think back to 1968 when I wanted to be a 13 year old runaway in the Haight- where would I be now? Cult member, junkie, deceased, brainwashed EST victim , Jonestown resident? perhaps I'm better off the way I already am? OK- I'll shut up now!

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