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Posted by Kenny on 04/20/02 - 09:34:30
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As my earlier post revealed, I was a little disappointed with the short setlist at the BBK early show.  The disappointment was compounded by the lack of any "dust offs" of songs not played so frequently.

I am tiring of STL, Rabbit, Wooden Ships, and the obligatory Volunteers.

Windows of Heaven is a great collection, and the bands most recent studio release....yet nary a song made the set list.

Nothing like "Across the Boards, Harp tree lament, BATE, or LJS/Bark era stuff" .... I could go on and on.  I shudder when I think of Paul, Diana and Chris doing "Darkly Smiing" up in Piermont not so long ago.  What a comedown the BBK set was.

Paul.  Please don't turn JS into an "oldies" act.  We know the band has a wider, and interesting repetoir.  More importantly, we know that there is newer music and it is great.

Most of the faces I saw at BBKs were the same faces I see at all the shows.  So, either try to widen the fan base with new music, or cater to the "tie-dyed in the wool" fans with more esoteric stuff, but last night left me wondering if Jay and the Americans were coming out next.


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