Short Set at BBKs

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Posted by Kenny on 04/20/02 - 09:20:58
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I was kinda disappointed in the short set.  My friends and I did enjoy Ray Manzarek (he was really cool, stopping outside to be with the rain-soaked b4 the show).....but, not so much so as to have a shortened JS set.

I don't think I'll ever go see the band again, IF there is an opening act AND there are early and late shows.  The expense, and hassle, of going to Manhattan ($44 to get my car out of hock -- lousy food at BBK's --- traffic) are not worth it to see the band play for an hour.

I hope they choose other venues that they've used in the past in the tri-state area.  

I wonder why they can't book into the Count Basie in Red Bank?  What a great venue that would be.  Great sound, plentiful parking, great restaurants and clubs to hang out in before and after the show.


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