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Posted by twilight double leader on 04/20/02 - 03:22:18
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Please pardon me if I don't post Ray Manzarak's set lists ... I came, I saw, I listened, and pretty much forgot about his sets.  I do remember that he wanted is to remember that fertilizer is important ... but it's not important to me.

Many, many thanks to John Murray for bailing out the "on the lam" crew; without his running interference we'd still be standing out in the pouring rain.  S***, my socks are still wet. Greets to Liz and Cricket for keeping us company in the trenches this evening.  Double greets, Do, to the lady you left sitting by herself while you played in traffic.  Good thing she has a sense of humor or she'd leave you in a flash .

Photographic evidence will appear on or about Sunday.

Early set:  St Charles, Wooden Shiops, Somebody to Love, Crown,Count, Triad,High Flying Bird, Miracles, Rabbi, Funny Cars e:Volunteers (w/Ray Manzarak)  :60

Late set: There Will Be Love, DCBA-25, Mexico, Today, Good Shepherd, Sketches of China, Young Girl Sunday Blues, Let's Go Together, Hearts, 8 bars of Back to Texas, Runaway,Hyperdrive,Blues from an Airplane, 3/5 of a Mile, Saucers e:Plastic Fantasic, It's No Secret  1:25

To accomodate the "opening act" we got two very short sets.  The first was by rote, the second smoked.  You'll get the reviews later.  Let's just say it's nice to be able to sleep in on a Saturday for the first time in four months, and i'm sleeping with a smile on my face.  

Personal to Do:  Are you missing something?  Dave has it in his backseat!

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