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Posted by E on 04/20/02 - 00:10:11
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Hi, Carolyn!

I'm just thinking we were both at Webster and Keswick.  I'm sorry we weren't able to connect!
Did you go backstage?

Ray M. did sing.  I didn't think his voice was bad at all.  But I am most interested in MUSIC and in the performance of MUSIC.

I love it that in Westbury this great MUSICAL collaboration occured!   But there has been a discussion on the pressure for 'artists' to meet demands as 'entertainers'. At least that's what I'm thinking about. HOW difficult.  I can only imagine.

Well, my respect to all concerned.
And, perhaps we shall meet.


PS  we are in agreement.  
Ray is nothing like Paul!

(Both/And, in a good way)....but not alike!.

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