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Posted by ben todd on 04/19/02 - 23:32:37
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obviously i agree with you conclusion totally. I think that too often this argument misses the point in arguing about how much oil is available domsetically and abroad. The amount of oil is only secondary in my opinion to the more important reasons why we need to fine tune other methods of generating energy. The health impacts of burning fossil fuels into our environment are grossly under estimated as well as their financial impact. An aspect that might be more important to those concerned with maintaining a powerful econmic nation would be the costs of completely convering to an alternate energy source if we ever back such an effort. If we wait till were in an oil crisis it will cost this country far more to accomplish a conversion. The rewards of acting proactively, either as an individual or nation are often reaped logaritmically compared to waiting till a problem exists.
   One of the best alternate energy plans I have heard about is the Phoenix project(www.phoenixproject.net). It basically calls for drastically increasing wind generation of electricity BUT, using that electricity to generate hydrogen. This step of generating hydrogen takes away the problem of being affected by the fickleness of the wind because you are simply stockpiling hydrogen instead of immeadiatly using the electricity. Of course using hydrogen for fuel is 100% non-polluting and only requires water as source, which is electrolyzed(hydrogen freed up) by with the electricity. This method will also most certainly by increased in it's efficiency in short order because of the dramatic advances in genetic technology. It will be just a matter of time till scientist can engineer algae the produce hydrogen through metabolism.
   Any the amount oil left in my opinion is not the best reason to putting our SERIOUS efforts toward optimizing some form of a healthier and renewable enregy source.

                     Ben Todd

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