Politics makes ANWR meaningful

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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 04/19/02 - 21:08:33
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Well, yes, I think I agree with what you're saying.  It's important to win every possible battle with Bush, because it improves the character of "compromises" across the board.  The more we demand of Bush, the less evil we'll get.

The most catastrophic aspect of Bush's energy policy, though, is this total lie about "increasing domestic oil production."  The media spreads this stuff, and then everyone believes there's oil there, when there isn't, and real solutions (sustainable energy, conservation) get bogged down in an effort to combat "information flak."

Is there a place where we can send letters thanking those who tanked the ANWR drilling proposal this week?  It's just as important to send thank-you notes as it is to plead.

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