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Posted by Christo on 04/19/02 - 20:42:29
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Cool - another of Don's top tens...

Lemmee think now
in no order and I'm shakey on the years and I aint counting 10

JS - London 2000? super-acoustisch meltdown
Richie Havens - London - 1998? - as ever!
John Sebastian - Birmingham - 3ish years ago with Fritz Richmond - Summer in the City was a big moment for me.
Kishori Amonkar - London 2000 - transportational
Karlheinz Stockhausen - 2002(Freitag) and 1995 (Donnerstag) - mind altering
Barry White - Birmingham 1997 - great fun
Lisa Stansfield - Nottingham 2001 - my fave pop songstel
Terje Rypdal - London 1997 with The Chasers & string trio - extraordinary and awesome guitar sounds - TR's my BIG hero
The Flower Kings - London 2001 met them too - great guys - THE best proggers
Arild Andersen Band - London 1997 - Nordic folk/jazz I could watch Arild play bass all day - he LIVES every note.
Shobha Gurtu London - 1996 - the sound of Mother India
Country Joe with the Bevis Frond London 1999? what a bash! CJM had lots of fun too you could tell.
Alan Stivell - Stonehenge 1984! what a place to catch the Celtic master harper - Hawkwinds Nic Turner jammed along too.
Lakshmi Shankar - Leicester 96 - 3 hours of bliss
Terry Riley & Zeitgeist - Nottingham 1997 - mesmerising minimalism
Jan Akkerman - 2001 MKeynes - what a guitarman

yup they were the big ones for me...

people I would like to see that I haven't yet...
Flora Purim/Airto/Fourth World
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Crosby CPR
Brian Wilson
Tony Scott
Charles Lloyd
Ila Arun
Laika & the Cosmonauts
Peter Paul & Mary
Jose Neto Band
Jiri Stivin
Steve Kuhn
John McLaughlin
Vidna Obmana
The Gentle People
The Venusians
Jesse Colin Young
Gwerz/The Mollard brothers in whatever band

people I would've liked to've seen
George Harrison
The Beach Boys - esp 66-72ish
The 5th Dimension
Carmen Miranda
Mamas & Papas
Leon Thomas
Alexander Scriabin
Dusty Springfield
Marvin Gaye

OK - "enough listing already, you boring sod!!!" I heard someone shout.

What a wonderful planet we have for music makers...

If only we could make peace like we make music...
Exits stage left whistling "What the world needs love sweet love..........."

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