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Posted by Daves on 04/19/02 - 13:49:39
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Patience son. The year is only 4 months young. The "new" material on this included Let's Go Together, a revamped Baby Tree, the "Getting Better" part of Child is Coming and the acapella intro of Mau Mau. This stuff may not be new, but its new to the fans who have never seen these songs performed live. They are working on new songs but it'll take some time to blend them into the sets. Figure by the Summer or Fall tours, it'll come together.

Also Marty has new songs. Only he may be playing in his MB Trio.  

So the keyword here is patience. I'm thrilled that the BATE material was revived. We should all be happy space cadets about this happening in 2002. IMO....Dave

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