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Posted by Dave on 04/19/02 - 08:06:16
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Here's the corrected setlist for Westbury 4/18:
Cars, Saucers, Hyperdrive, Count On Me, Miracles, Sketches, Eskimo Blue day, High Flying Bird, Coming Back to Me, Young Girl Sunday Blues, Let's Go Together, I'm A Dreamer, Teaching the Computers to Dream, You're Bringing Me Down, Volunteers (with Ray). Encs: Wooden Ships, Other Side of this Life (with Ray) 1:57

Longest and best set of the tour that I've seen so far. Not only was it well played, but they mixed up the order of the songs and played the new song.
I had requested Saucers at Ed's and Keswick and they finally did it. Woohoo! Playing Hyperdrive in the 3rd slot was unexpected. Coming Back to Me instead of the usual Hearts was really unexpected.   Paul told me he and Marty were looking to place that song elsewhere in the set. Good move guys. I had requested YGSB at the Keswick so I was very happy it finally showed. YGSB is back to being a rockin folksy song, it was slowed down in last year's Fall tour, but now its back to a fast pace. Let's Go Together was amazing (my 5th Let's Go this week). This was my first semi-full Teaching the Computers to Dream. I say "semi-full" because after the show Paul told us that there were still more verses to be told. WOW! It was still about 5-6 mins (got to check the tape) and I was very impressed with the song given that the band is basically learning it. Paul said he'd do another NEW song tonite. Regardless, Computers was special and deserves to be repeated at BBs. When Ray came on in Vols, it was a treat. Ditto for Other Side of this Life. Ray even took a solo during Other Side.

Paul's wit was also evident as he told us he didn't understand why he didn't get abused during his Catholic school years. Like "What's wrong with me?".  Very funny, yet sad. He also complimented Mayor Bloomberg for his love of pot in his younger years. Slick's son was there and he seemed to be enjoying himself watching his Dad perform.

Prior to the show, Cricket, Liz, Rich Pote, Chris Hager and I tailgated in the parking lot outside. Cricket and Liz now have some CDRs of recent shows and tours to take home with them including some with the fancy artwork of RP. Anna Flaherty and her father also made the trip to Westbury and came home with some recent music from me. Special thanks goes to Mike Eisenstein and John Murray for going beyond duty to allow us to tape the show. Westbury is anti-taping, so it was a big deal. The mix sounded very good - well balanced. Some people complained about the low vocals - that was because they sat too close up front. The vocals were fine if you stood/sat 10-20 rows away from the stage.

After the set, we all congregated backstage and thanked the band for another great show. The crew at Westbury was looking for us to disperse but we kept staying, talking, laughing and didn't want to leave until all was said and done.

Another 2 shows tonite at BBs and then its onto Chicago for Cricket, Liz and JS. Wish I could go, but these 7 sets will have to suffice. I'll be in the tapers section tonite. More info will be revealed about Westbury as I recall events and play the tape. MG - we still miss ya. Jerry, Joe and Mike were there and send their greetings. Nice meeting you too George. See ya'll tonite in NYC! Dave

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