somebody - tell me '89 happened ! and other thoughts on JA site

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Posted by Christo on 04/19/02 - 07:50:13
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ja site - it looks pretty

a few constructive criticisms...

1. the box the site is in should be justiified to fit the whole screen - at high resolution its a sorry little window in the middle of my screen

2. '89 !  The album and tour erased from history. I love that album - I think they made a great album in spite of themselves there (tho it could've done with a title and some nice cover art) and now it doesn't exist - nor that whole chapter in the story.
Grace's return to creative work, Marty's voice sumptously recorded, Planes, The Wheel, and in IceAge and Too Many Years, my 2 favourite Jorma cuts ever.
Now Tippexed out where no new fan can find out about it.

3. Band members biog page - Bill Thompson?
I know there should be a place for his contributions to the band but Band Members biog? ahead of Signe, Joey, Freiberg (who dont even get photos by their names), and Papa John?
It looks weird. Band Members are band members and backroom staff should stay in the back room.

still - its cool the site is there.

I just don't like trying to write my future to find someone's rewriting my past.
And vice versa


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