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Posted by Historical Fundamentalist on 04/19/02 - 01:46:27
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Well, it is nice to have it....and, in and amongst the worn-out seen-'em-a-million times photos, there are some real gems - eg: the Grunt signing ones, Bearded Marty, Freiberg onstage with them at Central Park.

BUT the thing is riddled with historical inaccuracy and ommissions. Just a few, following my first cursory scan....

It says at one point that both Peloquin and Harvey were sacked after two months. Wrong: Peloquin was sacked within a couple of weeks.

Jan 66: the Airplane played the Trips Festival. No mention.

Dec 68: Hot Tuna did not form then. Jorma played solo acoustic at the Matrix. Jack was doing mightily-impressive bass duties with Country Joe & The Fish. (As I understand it, Jorma, Jack, Peter K and Joey first began rehearsing what would become Hot Tuna while the Airplane were renting a Spanish castle in Hawaii in Spring 69. That line-up played their first gigs (as "Jorma Kaukonen & Jack Casady"?) - with PK guesting on one show - at the Matrix in May 69.)

Oct 70: did not see Grace unable to perform due to her pregnancy. She played to the end of the Fall tour (28 November?).

Marty did not leave Hot Tuna at the end of 70. He continued to do gigs with them up until Feb 71.

Grunt, as I understand it, was not "a group-owned subsidiary of RCA Records" - it was an independently-owned label distributed by RCA. That status changed with successive re-signings until RCA did end up owning Grunt.


And, on the discography, what the hell happened to "FLIGHT LOG"?

The picture info is horrendous too, with a number of 69-70 concert photos being labelled 67 and the aforementioned Freiberg shot is said to be 71 when it obviosuly was 72.

So...much better to have the site than not have it. But, really, somebody should have taken much more care.

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