Cricket on the cell....Montara Beach Report

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Posted by Paul S. on 04/19/02 - 01:32:37
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She called me earlier and said she'd call tomorrow night(because I went out tonight)when they play "Lets Go Together." For Cricket and all...a SPECTACULAR California sunset at Montara Beach this evening. High tide, BIG waves. Alice(Siberian Huskey) had enough fun for all of you. Happy trails San Fransisco ladies and crazies.       P.S. AND....I got to save a fish(silver-Aprox.5-6 lbs) that got thrown way up on the beach. The tide was just starting to go out again. I saw signs of life and changed the course of history FOREVER...think about it. Thats right...I said CRAZIES!!"Crazy with concern"  PEACE

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