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Posted by Via Pacific liaison on 04/18/02 - 22:24:43
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Cricket and Liz's hotel concierge is now so pumped
in reflecting upon the continued creativity of original Airplane and Starship members, that he is going to drop everything and attend the second show at BB's!

But here's the ODD part.  As our Ladies of Flight
are informing this fine gentleman of the details,
he comes up with this, "Yah!! There's just one other band like that that I used to follow--LYNYRD SKYNYRD!!!!!"

So in the mind of at least one hotel concierge,
in NYC, there is a co-existence of sensibilities!

The News Team

JUST COMING IN!!!!!!! BY Cell......

Diana on Fire............

C, L, E, & R

Eleven songs in:    Let's Go Together!!!!    Yes!
7:04 PST          direct connect       10:04 EST

The Chirper and Ethical will have to share the bill!!!!!!!!

#14 Ride the Tiger---Yes!

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