nieman's is at it again.  someones got to stop these people!

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Posted by carolyn on 04/18/02 - 14:49:25
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from an article living w/lyme, roger is getting quoted in the media again.

"many feel they have chronic lyme disease,"  said roger nieman, of abington's assoc. in infectious diseases. "and there are doctors who buy into it for whatever reasons and see those patients, and very often provid prolonged antibiotic therapy which is not reccomended and can be harmful".

in my opinion and experience, roger boy is not reccomended and can do harm.  he's the "so called" infectious disease specialist (in the lyme community we call them I.D.iots) that my in'laws dug up for me.  he's the one who only wanted to know what the upenn drs said i had and if i had a pos elisa, what dr dx me with lyme + what test pos.  didn't do much of an exam, ignored and did not record my very serious symtoms, and used my records for his propaganda.  what he wrote and what upenn drs wrote seriously impaired my ability to get med care after i left there practices.  roger boy in my records attacked the dr in newtown who correctly dx's me and got me some treatment.  attacked the LUAT test - the only test i had pos at the time and the only thing i had to try to get med care - now i have a slew of pos pcr's, pos bands on w.b. that are lyme specific, pos babesia test, and photo's of me w/a text book bulls eye.  had a recurring rash on my foot when i saw roger boy and had a pos pcr of my spinal fluid two weeks later.  full blown lyme and babesia when i saw him and have since discovered that i passed this on to my children.

"peolple wnat an answere, they want closure," said dr mark lopatin of willow grove's rhuematic disease assoc.  "in many cases, a dx of lyme - right or wrong - gives them an answer.  the problem is if it's not (lyme and they are treated w/antibiotics).

problem is i had just about every lyme symptom you could have except my joints never swelled up. neuro stuff while we were still on the island and i still had the rash, took yrs before a lot of the physical stuff kicked in. i got acutely ill 10 yrs ago, reinfected over the yrs., but because of "so called" drs like these, could not get medical care, just mostly abuse.  it almost killed me.

someones got to do something soon.  a few yrs ago i would have been hard pressed to name anyone i know with lyme (evn though my whole family had it!).  now it seems just about every one i know has it or had it. and more and more of us getting really messed up by it.  it is a national epidemec that is not being reported in the media and severe cases are becoming more commonplace.  it's been a very mild winter, so this yr is going to be especially bad.  watch out!

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