Dr. John Bleiweiss, age 43 - Oct. 27, 1952-Aug. 12, 1995

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Posted by carolyn on 04/18/02 - 14:10:16
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copied from the Lyme Disease Memorial Page

the CDC: Lyme disease is rarely if ever , fatal."
People who have died of lyme disease.

dr, blieweiss ws a good dr.  he was also my dr.....and friend to many who suffered from lyme.  he too was a lyme sufferer, and as a result, knew this illness intimately.

he ws one of the early pioneers of correct lyme treatment (which is to say that there is a long-term component to this infection and that it needs to be treated as such- ussually with long-term antibiotic treatment.)  because of this he ran into intense opposition from the insurence community, and then as a result, from some w/in the medical community.

well, it's now come to pass that it's understood that he was correct (by most at least).  and there are not a number of drs who will treat lme as a long-term illness.  but , early on, he was veiwed as one whose opinions and practices regarding this needed to be squelched quickly.  as i believe t happened , the insurence community sought supporters in the medical communtiy.  the Board of NJ's Medical Examiners brought him under investigation (for over prescribing).  the used as support - against her will - one of his former patients.  and ultimatell, he faced the loss of his medical liscense.

during this period, i beleive the stresses of these events contributed to his divorce from his wife.  and shortly after this. one mornig the local newspaper in his city [i think it was the trentonian]-irresponsible as newspapers commonly show themselves to be - did a fromt page "smear" article of him.  at the culmination of these events, later that morning, he chose to take his life.


it is for this very reason that one will commonly find that the lyme communtnity is HIGHLY reluctant to give the names of good drs over the internet.  dr. bleiweiss was not the only target.  other drs have also found themselves suddenly defending thier med licenses.

the med community has polarized over this issue:  there are some (and they are in fact "published" in this opinon) woh advocate to all the world that all lyme is treated in 4-6 weeks.  anything that remains (in this mis-guided opion) is hypochondiacal and needs to ne treated psychiatrically.  further, there are now a body of drs who quote these published m.d.'s , leading to the further physical and social damage that results from the non-recognition of lyme.

on the other hand, there are a lrge group of drs who recognize that lyme DOES INDEED exist tin the chronic state, and therefore need to be treated as such - long term .  it's my hope that these are now in large enough number to see an ed of some of the types of persecutions as described above.

according to dr fallon's data base (psychatrist, columbia university), 30% of patients w/lyme encephalitis are suicidally depressed.  the lyme bacteria when it reaches your brain changes the brain chemistry.  i remember that shortly after we returned from the first visit from nantucket, i told my husband i was deeply depressed and could not think of an emotional reason for it.  certainly my mother in law had put me thru hell, but i was always able to handle things and laugh things off.  this was different.  little did i know it would get worse and worse and worse.......  well, for a few short months of my life, i was very happy.  didn't think it would end so soon.  one thing lyme patients do not need is abuse from drs and others, and denied medical treatment by both drs and thier insurence co.  it could easily push them over the edge.  

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