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Posted by carolyn on 04/18/02 - 13:02:27
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yep, lots.  i was called carrie when i was little, but my best friends name was kari and she did not know what her full name was (karen) so i went by carolyn to avoid confusion.  still have relatives that call me carrie.  my sister shortened it to carol because she did not like carolyn and it stuck, but that is my least favorite variation fo my name.  my mom called me lyn or lynda because she had wanted to name me lynda, and i've also been called caroline, car, and caryn.  i'll answer to every variation of my name.

also called eagle eyes because of my amazing eyesight.  my sister had lots of unflattering nicknames making fun of how thin i was:  toothpick person, ect.  didn't know she was on diets since elementary school and wanted to be thin like me (well maybe not that thin, clothes didn't fit).  she got the short chunky legs.  paul h. in my homeroom in 7th grade was a buddy of mine.  he was a flannel shirt, beer drinking kind of guy and not so smart, so he would often get d's.  i had handwriting that looked like an adults and was good at forging signatures, so paul would tell me if he showed a test or report card w/bad grades to his parents, they would literally punch him out.  so that was a good enough reason for me to forge his parents signature.  then one day i was wearing a skirt and he called me chicken legs.  wouldn't talk to him after that.

oh, and george at work, he was this charming 50 yr old black guy at work that i worked on desingning control panels with at my last job before my daughter was born.  he nicknamed me little mama.

probably had other nicknames, just can't think of thim.

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