my fave 10 guitars

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Posted by Christo on 04/18/02 - 12:20:51
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Apart from Rypdal being at the top ( I have almost every note he's recorded some 30 albums) - jazz, rock, weird and classical composer par excellence  website -

Terje Rypdal
Jose Neto - Fourth World
Roine Stolt - Flower Kings
Jan Akkerman - ex Focus - saw him recently - great!
Carlos Santana - hope he gets away from the pop and back into the jazz soon. Otherwise I'd replace him with his brother Jorge from Malo.
Frode Alnaes - Norwegian - not recorded enough - he's been on a few Arild Andersen albums.
Slick Aguilar
Jeff Pevar - CPR
John McLaughlin
Mikko Lankinen - Laika & The Cosmonauts - Finlands top (only?) surfing guitarband!

I would have Roaul Bjorkenheim waiting in the wings to replace McLaughlin unless JM records something interesting soon..

There - what a nerdy post - and why not? Nerdy and proud!

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