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Posted by Graham Shanks on 04/18/02 - 10:09:25
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I posted this on Fulton & JS Family Trading a few days back but only really got one enlightening reply; I'm looking for corroboration of that.

Question is:

on Flight Log there's a song called (Baby)? Please Come Back. The same song's on the Central Park '75 show and is listed on the artwork for the Colt Park '76. However the song on Colt Park IS NOT PCB; it's a thing that I've tentatively called Um-Ba-Ba. It's also on the Central Park '76 (and, I've been told, a Nassau '76 show and the Central Park '75 - tho' it's not on my copy of that show).

I have been told that the song in question is called Goodbye.

Just want some sort of confirmation of this (and any additional info about it).




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