Hi Jerald!    (and Kev.  and Don,  and Amm. and CB and MC and TDL and da, and ALL!     L

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Posted by Ethel on 04/18/02 - 03:06:09
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the site is truly fascinating upon our return.
And I am only going from the bottom up.

I see that Kev. and Don have had a humorous, and perhaps civil, exchange, over Christopher Reeves.

And don't think you are fooling me, Kevin. Because I notice a LOT more than you think, and I know exactly what you are talking about re: C.R.!

Email Liz and Cricket---and ask them how I described the person I assumed to be you at the Sweetwater!  Were you there!  YES!!!! (I say)

I see that Amm. has asked Don for clarification
of his experience, which was given.
More questions seem to remain.

Also loved CB's ED's REPORT!  Got a coupla details
on that, too.

Arriving here going from bottom UP.  

POINT IS:  Jerald----you should connect with Liz and Cricket on Liz's Email.  Liz has her laptop with her!! DEFINATELY get in touch with them.  I will Email you Liz's Email if ya don't have it.  Let me know.

I CAN'T  TELL YOU what a beautiful ride we are returning from, in this limited post.  AND despite
our beloved MC's admiration of pithy brevity------if I'm gonna report anything from our experience----it's gonna be WORDY.

Tomorrow is another day ---Et Terra Pax Hominibus!

We're bringing love HOME, and sending it back to the East Coast, and to every A-decker and Fultonite.   LOVE is all there is.

(THOUSANDS of hidden words here, describing huge amounts of fun experiences for us all to share in!)

Can't believe I am getting up to share my experiences with 2nd graders tomorrow!!

RAY and I DID go the SITE of 9/11.   We did.

Much Love,
Ethel and Ray

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