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Posted by Mike on 04/18/02 - 02:22:45
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My father 's best friend, or one of them, was Dr. "Shower." He probably spelled it Schauer but I was little when I knew him & I thought Shower was his name. His daughter was in my sister's class in high school.Dr. Shower was an MD who specialized in a and the so-called Talking Cure of Suicidal patients. My aunt  had tried to kill herself in the 50's after her "mixed marriage" was destroyed by family hostility. After taking poison,she had her stomach removed & was on a limited diet the rest of her life. Dr Shower was the one who took credit for the Talking Cure which allegedly convinced this aunt not to try to kill herself again.PS Guess how Shower died? He killed himself, and we had to go to great lengths to keep this information from my aunt so she would not lose faith in the miracle-working Dr & become suicidal again.-Mike

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