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Posted by Mike on 04/18/02 - 01:47:10
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Carolyn, forgive me if this is too personal, but were you ever the victim of a nickname? My so-called name Mike I never liked. Neighborhood kids the McGuires called me that. Until then I was always Michael. My English Grandmother had a dislike of the name "Mickey" & she was always telling me not to let anyone call me that. I don't know if she was anti-Irish or just didn't like that name. In my various Hebrew schools not only did I get a bewildering variety of Hebrew & Yiddish names, inc. Mikhl which is part of my email address, but very weird HOSTILE names. Such as "HeyGuy" which is a pun, from the name of a Eunuch in the Bible. The implication was I am a eunuch. There were many others.BTW the Talmud which the Hebrew school people pretended to observe as the Law, says it is a so-called "sin" to give someone a nickname esp. a hostile one.-Mike

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