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Posted by Bob D. on 04/18/02 - 01:21:57
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Andy; There isn't a warehouse full of these laminates and discs, already packed, and just waiting to have a mailing label attached.  Jefferson Starship/Avenue K is not a large corporation with brick and glass factories, production workers, delivery trucks, or ISO 9000 certification.  The band is a group of musicians "and others" combining their time and talents to create things and experiences that didn't exist before.  This stuff is being custom made, one off, for each individual member - and it takes time to do it.  For a good part of the last couple weeks, most of the organization known as the Jefferson Starship has been out on the road doing shows! I can vouch that there is no scam, the stuff is real, and Mission Control will take care of you.  I've seen it - it will be worth the wait. And, to answer your last question: I don't have my stuff yet either.  But I'm not sweating - it will get here when it gets here.  So, what AM I doing?  Spinning copies of the 4/5 Reno show.  Andy, send me an e-mail off board and I'll be glad to spin a copy of the Reno show for you.  Peace, Bob D.  


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