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Posted by Stuart Drucker on 04/17/02 - 16:50:41
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I started listening to JS when I was in college in the 80's, when very few of their original fans were bothering to follow the band because they were so turned off by Mickey Thomas. The bands I listened to most in those days were X, Wall of Voodo, and Springsteen's E Street Band (how's that for musical schizophrenia?).

I found that the progressive stuff that Pete Sears wrote (Stranger, Save Your Love) and some very underrated PK tunes (Connection and Stairway to Cleveland were my favorites) were just the tip of the iceberg. That led me to the whole back catalog of JA/JS and Hot Tuna, about 99% music I never heard before in any form.

For me, the payoff is 20 years later hearing whatever mix of the band is touring play most of the classic, obscure stuff that I liked the most. Hearing "There Will Be Love" or "Sketches of China" live is totally worth the cost of seeing them in some 900-seat arena, so to speak.

Actually, JS is the only so-called "nostalgia" band I really follow, other than Dylan. The latest CDs I bought were Cracker, Lisa Loeb, and Sheryl Crow, and I'm 39. You don't, or shouldn't, fossilize into the music of your "era" anymore than you should only watch Nick At Night.

If people like me in the 80's could "find our way back" into the classic JA/JS, when they were playing music much further removed from those days in arenas than today, I would think that hitting the college circuit with the right marketing might do the job again.

That assumes anyone cares, of course.

On a different note: does Diana ever sing Lawman?

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