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Posted by Dave on 04/17/02 - 14:49:57
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More stuff came to my mind now that I've slept and sobered up.

Marty's father Joe is in town. Said hello to him after the show, he looked at my JS3C lam and said out loud "How come I don't have one of these?". It was pretty typical yet funny. :)

John Ferenzic (sp?) showed up and played keys with Chris Smith on Volunteers, Fat Angel & Somebody to Love. He usually appears whenver the band is in the Phila/South NJ area.

During Ray's set, Mike brought out Paul's items (statue, vodka, conch shell, spaceman, etc.) to the stand and Ray couldn't get over all the stuff Paul has onstage. We're all used to this by now.

After more consideration, I still think this was the best Let's Go Together I've seen yet. I predict it'll get even better tomorrow & Friday. The more they play it, the better it'll be. This is one song that SHOULD BE repeated.

The Keswick staff were very cordial to the fans and allowed us to stand (gasp) and rush the stage & aisles at the end. And yes the AC was on and worked well. Its way too hot for mid-April.

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