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Posted by carolyn on 04/17/02 - 14:12:36
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friends , enemies, unsuspecting aquainteces are all at risk for aquiring playful nicknames.  oh, but i do give highly unflattering nicknames to the drs that harmed me.  only way to sort of get back at them.  lyme lit lawyers are even harder to find than l.l.m.d.'s.  it's very hard to sue a dr and the drs in our state are trying to enact laws to make it even harder.  and the ompc only goes after the good guys who actuallly practice medicine and our costing the insurence co.'s money.  even my super mild mannered lyme twin in MA has some nasty nicknames for some of her past drs.

p.s.  my cousin was a rich kid who fought in the vietnam war.  his dad was a captain (?) in  the navy and worked for the CIA.  he sent his daughter to prep school and college but beleived the boys should find thier own way in life.  oldest cousin jioned the navy and was over in vietnam thruout the 60's.  gave me a real sailors hat - i thought that was pretty cool.  when he was at home, he was a hippy.  bought these old , small cars ( peugots? old volvo's?) and painted them.  they looked reallly cool, but they would keep painting them until it was just a mishmash of colors.  then they would drive them out to CA to go to love ins, bi-ins, or concert events.  the cars would give out on the way  home and they  would have to wire for money to fly home.

my uncle was a republican hawk.  he was a scotsman from ohio, and an aries.  my dad was a liberal democrat ( not that liberal, i had a relatively strict upbringing).  my dad was in the airforce at 18 during the korean war.  he plane was shot down and he was only one of two in his platoon (right word?) to survive.  didn't talk much about it.  just know he had no feeling in his lower leg from nerve damage and he walked with a cane when i was two yrs old.  he had no tolerence for useless wars.  i got to overhear many many heated political discussions as a child.

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