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Posted by Don Aters on 04/17/02 - 10:18:59
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Hey Michael,
like I said, you're boxing with a man that has no arms............they don't understand routing dates that are obviously needed in terms of demographics, to make it feasible dollar wise for the band and management.  PK, Marty and others, didn't enter The hall of Fame predicated on "Surealistic Pillow" (which would have been album of the year in 1967 except for bad timing, rlelesed with Sgt. Pepper)they were inducted based on a body of work that spanned 25 years.
Much like dealing with idiot commentary about Vietnam, with those who weren't there, seems like you are beating a dead horse.  The band remains as vital to the music genre as any neoteric, one-hit wonder of the day, and the life expectancy of these are three years optimum.  Right not it's more critical to be visual than to have musical skills........same with pop/country genre.  Sara Evans, Womack, etc.  A few have skills but most can sing but are contracted more for genetics than anything else.
As for the throw down............ I'd like to see that in person.

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