Keswick - JS3C-Fans Photo and Commentary

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Posted by Wayne on 04/17/02 - 09:18:00
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I too enjoyed the show last night.  I sure was glad JS came after Ray Manzarek so they could stretch out and play.  There was lots of fine energy from the band and the audience.  Some funny moments around the band taking a "break".  Really enjoyed Let's Go Together and Greasy Heart.  Looking forward to hearing more BATE in upcoming shows.  Coming Back To Me with Marty on acoustic was very nice.  Fat Angel during the encore was so fine.  Paul was witty as usual and Slick rocked on guitar.  I really enjoy his tones and energy.  Diana is as engaging and toneful as ever.  All-in-all, a very uplifting performance.

Here's a link to a photo of the front few rows of seats, populated by a lot of JS3C fans, prominently featuring Chris who I enjoyed chatting with before and after the show.


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