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Posted by Dave on 04/17/02 - 02:16:23
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Here's the setlist from Keswick Theater 2/16/02
St. Charles, Wooden Ships, Funny Cars, Hey Fredrick, Count On Me, Good Shepherd, DCBA-25, Miracles, Hearts, Let's Go Together, High Flying Bird, You're Bringin Me Down, Greasy Heart, White Rabbit, America -> Volunteers. Enc: Coming Back To Me, Fat Angel, Somebody to Love.  1:51

Excellent show as usual. Rich Pote, Chris Hager and I finally met up with Cricket, Liz, Ray & Eth at the bar across the street. We shared stories and pictures of the band. The theater was half full, not bad for a Tuesday night.

Ray Manzarek went on and on about acid, Jim, the 60s and did a few tunes. I think he played a little longer than expected. I met Marty back stage and welcomed him back to JS. He told me about some of the things that were keeping him busy back home.  

When I got back to my seat, I realized that Cricket, Liz, Ray and Eth were sitting in front of me in the front row. While Chris, Rich and I were in the second row. Boy, we had that section full of A-deckers. And George & Andrew was nearby too.

Overall a strong set. Best Let's Go Together I've seen this week and I've seen 3 of them. Slick was amazing and got numerous standing ovations. Paul was his usual witty self and made us laugh multiple times. It was nice to hear Marty's tunes and we look forward to more of him at the next 3 sets/shows. America was very special and Paul made a few references to the Middle East conflict. High Flying Bird got Eth dancing so I know it was good. Fat Angel was even better than the Bodles version.

During Volunteers, Diana convinced Ethel to go onstage and sing the chorus. Wow, she can really dance!

Anyway - 2AM now. Tape sounds great - good mix from John again. Tomorrow is the off day and then its onto Westbury Long Island for another adventure with Cricket, Liz, Rich, Chris and I. Ray and Ethel are leaving for home tomorrow. It was nice meeting them. We took some pics of each other in the theater. I gave them some music to take home to CA.

Many thanks to Paul Kantner and crew for a great show. Keep them coming. The BATE material is another good reason why I see so many shows. Let's Go Together is the song of the year, so far. Tonight's show was a combo of the best of the BATE shows plus some of their hits.  This tour has exceeded my expectations by far. However, we DO miss Michael Gaiman a lot. He's here in spirit. The JS3C lams are everywhere and people got in. Its a great time to be a JS fan, ain't it?

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