Is English your second language?

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Posted by Mission Control on 04/17/02 - 00:46:48
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Apparently - because your comprehension is sorely deficient.  SCI, WP ARE derivative ... watered down bands of no consequence to me.  They are successful, but so is Barry Manilow & Brittney, whom I care as much about.

I stand by the above comment, but I never said that about P&F ... I have said PHIL should NOT sing however ... he's never sang well since the post '74 polyps.

... and - like I said ... if JS makes you unhappy, then  stay away & make yourself happy.  If you've got something to contribute ... like critical opinion re: music ... let's discuss.  So far all you do is gripe at & about me.  Did I accidentally run over your dog?  Is this your idea of fun?  If so, in a battle of wits, I'm armed & dangerous - so let's throw down clown.

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