5th generation, drug induced, college aged possible fan base

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Posted by Paul S. on 04/16/02 - 16:49:31
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I meant no harm. All I was saying was if JS spread though the college scene as they did 30+ years ago there would be a huge influx of new fans. Phish did it now they can't tour comforably because of so much interest. I was lucky during the late 80's and early 90's to have been spoiled by getting to see all my favorite 60's bands including the '89 Airplane Tour. During this time the DEad were over-run with new fans. I was one of them. I was different from some though because I had respect. Alot of "kids' didn't, and it seemed to perpetuate itself in the form of Phish-heads(A.K.A. Young punk motherfuckers with no respect)This is not to say I didn't do shit at shows I would never do now.  Young people do crazy stuff, it's a fact of life. Melissa, you strike me as not one of "them". And I know there are more of you(thank Dog) Sorry if I insulted your generation, it was not my intent. For what it's worth I despised mine.

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