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Posted by Dave on 04/16/02 - 08:14:32
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Here's the setlist for Ed's Party 4/13/02 - Mary & Frank's 50th B-day Party, Webster Mass.

Intro by Ed, Somebody to Love, Wooden Ships, Good Shepherd, Lather, DCBA-25, High Flying Bird, Across The Board (dedicated by Diana to me!), Let's Go Together, Hey Fredrick, Have You Seen The Stars Tonite --> Starship, White Rabbit
You Say Its Your Birthday (with Mary, Frank & Ed on bass), Volunteers (with Ethel, Ray, Ed on bass, Mary, Frank, etc.), Ed introduces all of the band members, Enc: 3/5 of A Mile in 10 Seconds (with Ed DeLuca on bass) 1:22
Opening the show was Early Iron (Ed's band) who did a good hour set.

A great time was had by all. Ed knows how to throw a good party. Don't miss his next one. Lots of friends and family. Felt like a DeLuca family reunion more than a concert. A matrix board feed into the video camera made it very special indeed. Ben Holden's treats were beyond amazing. I loved every bite, made for some good munchies. Got to see Anna and her Dad. (How does someone that young know so much about this music??) Met Kitt too. Thanks to Chris Hager for the right up and back.

See ya'll tonite at the Pub across from the Keswick. We'll be near the glass window eating and drinking. I'm going to ask the bar if they would play some JS CDRs on the stereo (Ed's party perhaps).

Dave Lerner

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