everytime I try to get out, they pull me back in...

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Posted by Don Michael on 04/16/02 - 03:03:13
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I am a Jazz snob. If JS had not played w/ the following, I would never have appreciated them: Rory Gallagher! Dregs! 38 Special! & on & on. There are IMO so-called "GOOD" & "BAD" musicians in every genre. That damn Genre thing btw- look @ Woodstock again. It isn't "inclusive" just because of Ravi Shankar,it had Alvin Lee! Very LOUD & headbangers like him. Note to Paul S.: it might be true that jambanders could get "into" JS, but M.C. has already posted the Definitive Answer re:JS is not considered a jamband. Must stop now, this way lies Bad Gonzo Insomnia~OffPostmk

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