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Posted by Paul S. on 04/16/02 - 00:34:20
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If the band needs a bigger payday so they can spoil us hardcore fans with smaller more intimate shows on the lesser pay scale then so be it. Whatever Paul and Co. want they should get. BUT Jefferson Starship are like the Anti-Skynard. They probly will attract some new bodies to their shows with such exposure, but it will be more of an American/Rebel flag waving audience JS will be performing to opening for Skynard. Whatever happens, I'LL BE THERE. This band is definately not a "has been" act and deserves better, but I guess you never quit payin'dues. I havn't been this excited about a band in some time, but after the Sweetwater/Reno weekend I am totally jazzed. IMO the potential JS crowd IS the String Cheese fans, Widespread Panic, PLQ, etc. If you could expose THAT crowd to what this band is up to...the sky is the limit as far as those bucklets go. I AM IN NO WAY SAYING THAT I WANT TO DEAL WITH ALL THOSE KIDS, PEOPLE ETC. After Jerry's death, it's up for grabs.    P.S. Keep up the good work MC, though you're rarely appreciated I know few would or could do what you do. I booked one of my former bands for several years, and I promise that will NEVER happen again. I'm just the me. ;)

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