Splinters from  Chris's wagon?

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Posted by Rich on 04/15/02 - 19:54:54
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I have to give Dave Lerner and Chris Hager a lot of credit for making it up to ED's on Saturday after getting home so late from Bodles. I pulled in at 3:30 AM and I needed all three lanes of the Garden State Parkway for the final 45 minutes of the ride. I know Chris got home at least one hour later. I'm sure Dave picked up his share of splinters riding up to Webster, MASS with Chris Hager in the Amish wagon on Saturday. Did Chris have a spare horse waiting for him at the half way point or did he use the same horse for the entire trip? I know he must have had a spare horse at home for the trip from Lancaster, PA to Schenectady, NY on Sunday.
All went well at Bodles, Ed's and the Van Dyke but the Keswick may be a different story. I'm sure the Keswick Quakers are just waiting for him to start something. If you see Chris's horse and wagon in the Keswick parking lot and are walking by it, I recommmend that you watch where your stepping. I am still cleaning off the soles of my shoes from my trip to Adamstown, PA to see  Country Joe. You can imagine trying to walk through an entire parking lot filled with these black wagons and their equine propulsion units.
See you all at the Keswick Tavern.  

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