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Posted by Mission Control on 04/15/02 - 17:36:09
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Umm ... Deadheads?  Jamband fans?  Literary science fiction devotees?  CSNY fans?  Southern rock fans? Classic rock fans?  Jazzbos?  Lovers of classical music?  Triple-A listeners?  As I see it, the band's target audience is all of the above ... and more, isn't it?  The only fans I see NOT being interested, are spandex/hairband fans ... and metalheads.

Your pathetic attempt to pigeon hole JEFFERSON STARSHIP is ludicrous.  The industry wrote Paul off in 1973 ... he came right back with "Dragonfly," "Red Octopus" et al.  Cynics poohed the so-called "Next Generation," the rennaissance of the current configuration in 1992 ... but guess what bubba?  JS is alive & well ... playing more classic material to more fans the world over ... with newly composed songs about to debut.  This website is a major component of that LIFT.  Flight is defined by the LIFT V. DRAG coefficient ... & it will take a much bigger drag then your minor salvos to decay the orbit of this ship.

If PHIL can play fairs & with THE ALLMANS ... what's wrong with JS playing with LYNYRD?

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