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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 04/15/02 - 17:13:27
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"Doesn't matter.........think what you want, that's why we go to wars, so you can do just that. "

Were you defending my right to free speech in Vietnam?  Were the Viet Cong planning to invade California at any time?  The last war that actually was fought to defend my freedom of speech, IMHO, was World War II.  How many wars has it been since then?

I guess it just strikes me as ludicrous that the dozens of invasions of foreign countries staged by the US can be justified as some "defense" of my right to speak freely.  Was that why the US helped to overthrow governments in Guatemala (1952), Iran (1956), Brazil (1964), Chile (1974)?  My right to free speech?  Does "national defense" have anything at all to do with shooting up jungles in El Salvador or Colombia or Vietnam or Laos?  Or all of those bombs dropped on civilian populations in Serbia (1998) or Afghanistan (now)?

It's clearly true that you have a valid war story to tell, Don.  But as far as I can tell, "national defense" is something that begins and ends at the _national borders_.  And, as for Sep. 11th, as far as I can tell, the events of Sep. 11th were caused by a great act of negligence with accomplices at the Federal level.  And if they _really_ wanted to justify overthrowing the Taliban as "national defense," why haven't they done anything to Saudi Arabia or Egypt, given that the hijackers all came from those two countries?


And no, Vietnam is _not_ a moot point.  The gov't is _still_ fighting the Vietnam war.  Oh, the strategies and terrain and enemies have changed, but it's still the same war, at least in the warped minds of those planning the next war, and the one after that, and the one after that...  

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