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Posted by don aters on 04/15/02 - 13:58:32
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When you're 18, political convictions are rarely thought of as a priority.  At that point in time, other than doing what was told, you could burn your draft card and go to canada.  That's not the way for me, what was learned there was that it was a "poor man's war", not many affluent, rich kids pounding the turf in the deltas.  I find more fault in just leaving and allowing a country smaller than RI to win a war against a super power like the U.S.  What started as advisory and to help against communist rule turned into a much publicized catastrophy.  As for what others think about it, that's their choice but movies aren't very factual and books are over-hyped and opinionated.  Much like John kerry, and all the sensationalism about his silver star being under the shadows of another Mai Lai massacre.  That's rubbish, and why wait over thirty years to imply such a thing/  When women and children are trying to kill you, the response is exactly what you're taught and what are the odds od retracting the silver star from the last Medal of Honor winner in Vietnam?
That's why kerry, Country Joe and others started the Vietnam Veterans Against The War.
Doesn't matter.........think what you want, that's why we go to wars, so you can do just that.

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