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Posted by Dave on 04/15/02 - 08:45:25
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2 shows down, 3 more to go. Bodles video and audio came out pretty good. Ed's party video and audio had some problems but came out OK too. Many thanks to John Murray for the wonderful mixes and good vibes to the fans. He really loves JS music and it shows. I'm just worried the band & road will burn him out some.

Let's Go Together was amazing!!  Paul changed a few words again. Something about Mother Terror or Mother Terra? High Flying Bird is as perfect as it gets. These BATE shows were a really great idea.  I love Marty's music, but these shows provided us an outlet for Paul's acoustic tunes that he doesn't usually play at the 6-piece shows. Songs like The Royal Canal. WOW!!!  PK's music & lyrics takes the sting out of post-9/11 Bush/Chaney Amerika.

Ed's party was a blast. Kind of strange being in an Elk's lodge, but it was a great event. Ed's band (Early Iron) kicked ass. I loved it when Ed introduced the band members and Paul mimicked his New England accent "Jefferson Staaaarship". Thanks to Chris H. for the car ride to & from Webster. Great meeting Kitt and Anna. Didn't get to meet Ray & Ethel but I know they were there. Guess they were too busy to visit the board area.

See everyone tomorrow at Keswick. Rich Pote and I will be at the bar across the street by 4. Ray & Ethel - come up to the bar before the gig please....Dave

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