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Posted by ben holden on 04/15/02 - 08:39:38
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Ethel, Ray, Cricket and Liz are all incommunicado, being on a path of golden devotion to our friends. I can't believe they are doing every gig to chicago. They  made it to Ed's just as Diana and the Admiral were saying 'where are eth and ray?'
I do't think they have communicators  with them-
so a ill equipped as I am ...

Five piece band: Paul, Prarie, Slick, Chris, Diana-not even a mention of Marty...have we lost him again? My life's been very busy- so I haven't seen any comment here.

The boys were ON FIRE. Very, very loud and tight even without the holy rickenbackers. I was trying to keep the hospitality room set for em...so's I don't have a set list.
OPen with Somebody to Love, woodenships, a Sunriseless Blows suite beautifully played.WOW.
across the board, lather, hey fred, lots of great songs  but not enough of them: set was about 90 minutes. I know these guy know more songs.
......very nice to hear a bass player with the band...Ed was prepared and knew the songs, standing right next to slick  he nailed all the stops and little hesitation pauses. Ed's feet will not hit the floor for a month.
aloha Ben

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