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Posted by Jerald on 04/15/02 - 01:03:37
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Very much appreciate your advice. Went to Chicago by bus many years ago and had a layover at the bus terminal.  Scared the life out of me in the middle of the night.  Never want to repeat that!

This venue is at 3359 W 115th Street in Merrionette Park.  Supposed to be at a strip mall, according to their website.  I was hoping that it was far from the projects.  Jesus, that was scary, too, when a few years ago my wife wanted to see Jordan play with the Bulls and we went on driving south to see what their was to see.  Wonder we made it out of their alive.  Bonfires burning in front of buildings.  I just hate having to dodge nefarious criminal types.  Life is too short for that shit.

I'm still going to the show.  Anybody meeting at the club or elsewhere ahead of time to be safe in numbers and have fun?

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