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Posted by Don Aters on 04/14/02 - 23:39:42
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I rarely get involved in this pithy discussions over a useless war.  I did a ten-year rehab, reconstructive surgery stint when i arrived home and I never explain myself for what i did or what happened.  It just was suposed to be.  My conviction over the useless rheteric about Jack is predicated on what my father taught me and not something ascertained in southeast Asia.
We all talk, no exceptions and that's fine.  None of us are going to be atttracted to everyone, i.e., like everyone, which shouldn't bring about any reactionary responses.  The difference as i see it is, some say things when others aren't around but never say it to their face, and I find some fault with that.
The few people i dislike on this planet, which aren't many, have no problem in clarification.  If i think you're a two-faced dickhead, rest assured that when i see you, it will be known.
As for the war, i returned as a 19-year-old right after The Tet Offensive in 1967...let's leave it at that, war stories from the streets of Chicago made more sense than 13 months over there.

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